As a producer, Astral Darkness has the skills to put out music that is flawlessly mixed. On top of this, however, as an artist, his creative touch has brought about something brand new; something free and fearless, unaffected by what the rest of the world may be making. An absolute must have for electronic music fans.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

This is music to both relax with, wake up with, and make you think the whole time. The key for the quality DJ is to stay ahead of the curve and not just become a follower.  Our recent discovery Astral Darkness seems to be on the cutting edge.”

Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

Many of the tracks on“Surreal Dreams” create music that encapsulates a mood in its entirety. This, to me, is a tremendous feat. Few musicians can do this. It is a sign that Astral Darkness has reached musical maturity. ”

Robbie Tee, Jamsphere Music Magazine

Astral Darkness’s newly released album ‘Surreal Dreams’ mise en scene is skybound. Each sound carefully married, inhibiting thoughts to release one’s self from atmospheric constraints – or aliens are communicating with me. ”

Julet Lagto, MuzicNotez

Astral creates a tasteful, restrained, and oftentimes haunting album. Opts for a light industrial sound warmer instrumental and deeply compelling.”

Beach Sloth, Skope Magazine 

“Moondance” rides through some otherworldly electro-terrain, with clever shifts in sound occurring all over the place to keep you completely captivated from the lefts to the rights.”

Jer@SB, Sleeping Bag Studios

After getting a spot in the electronic wall of sound at Electronic Sound Magazine Astral Darkness won the readers vote! ”

— Bill Bruce, Electronic Sound Magazine UK