Introducing Ruptured World - (Cinematic Dark Ambient)

Ruptured World is a cinematic dark ambient music project that combines atmospheric soundscapes with spoken word. 

The project uses a range of audio techniques, including digital sound design, live instrumentation, field recordings and the integration and manipulation of live samples to create an otherworldly blend of sonic textures, haunted pianos, melodic signatures and subliminal drones. 

Ruptured World incorporates storytelling into its unique sound palette with generic adaptations of cosmic horror, science fiction, weird tales and folklore.

There are points in existence, in the cosmos itself, where the extremes of physical order begin to collapse, to disintegrate, to create spaces in which the primal chaos of the universe reveals itself, where it surges and reigns, by whatever craft of enablement or wonderment is necessary.  

Brooding, ethereal and tragedian in scope, "Frontiers of Disorder" mixes mystical fusions of supernal reverie with distorted cadences, field recordings of strange import, and the dread perceptions of the void.

The exoplanetary deep space mission to Proxima Centauri b has reached its intended destination. Work begins on assessing the planet for its suitability as a site of colonial expansion and habitation for an increasingly desperate human race.  

But there are problems.  

"Exoplanetary" features fragments of transmissions amid sonorous and distorted interpretations of narrative events as the mission faces up to the challenges of off-world exploration and the inescapable fact that, on Proxima Centauri b, the human visitors are not alone.

Ruptured World is back with a new album, Archeoplanetary, expanding on the storyline of previous album, Exoplanetary, and presenting an intriguing prequel to its atmosphere of cosmic horror and its prevailing themes of supraliminal close encounters and unknown worlds.


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