Introducing thewalkingicon - (Dark Synthpop)

Back on track with our artist discoveries today we bring you a duo from Russia. 

Thewalkingicon project was formed in early 2018 by Sasha Rempel, the singer for Kaliningrad break-beat act INSPIRA and Dmitry Osipov, the member and founder of famous Moscow Alternative and Industrial 90-s pioneers Crocodile T.X. and Thaivox.

For Osipov thewalkingicon was the return for his favoirite “bedroom production” format, wich also made a start for Thaivox in 1997. The decades of musical experience plus the vox and stage charisma finally transformed into highly lyrical material, very surprising especially after looking at what Sasha makes in INSPIRA and what Dmitry plays as a member of Moscow heavy hardcore long-livers Fallen Angels Crew.

The combination of the Russian duo bring us to a new soundscape where the balance between the voice of Sasha Rempel goes hand to hand with the dark melodies and electronic structures produced by Osipov, giving the listener a doorway to their musical universe. 


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