Behind the Video (Eyemouth's Legacy Of Nature)

At the beginning of July, we made a video premiere of Eyemouth's Legacy Of Nature. I wanted to know more about the story behind the video so I contacted Marcus the lead singer of Eyemouth in order to find out more.

What is the motivation behind this new Single?

We wanted to release Legacy of nature since it stood out in a way. Not necessary as a traditionally single, it is quite weird in an eyemouthic kind of way. Håkan got in touch with Peter Zackariasson (video-director) who really got the mood of the song and came up with some ideas that we really liked and the result is really pleasing.

While listening to our old song Kryptomnesia we found that there was some kind of nerve that got well with Legacy of nature. In a way, the protagonist in Kryptomnesia could be the person in Legacy of nature if his soul wouldn't be found. We got really glad by the idea since it felt kind of sad to let a song we liked a lot just be lying in the draw.

Even if it's just an outtake we think it sounds good together with The legacy of nature.

What is the story behind the video?

Peter Zackariasson (vice-director): The lyric deals with the issue of finding yourself at a place in life you’re not happy with. So we played around with that idea. The repetition of daily life and realization. Music, in this case, is used in the form of counter-movement, as Shaman of the forest - city vs. nature. Spiritual and connection with the natural as a remedy for city life. Although the video suggests that the role of the shaman is only temporary, unmasking and transforming at the end of the video.


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