11/06/2017 - FØRSWØR†H (Dark Experimental Sounds From Russia)

Keeping track of amazing artists around the globe today i bring you a new discovery from Russia. FØRSWØR†H

The project FØRSWØR†H was formed in 2015 in the Russian Federation.

A constant usage of saw and light tunes together with a wrapping dark atmosphere put it somewhere in between darkwave and witch house.

The vibe and imaginary behind their music is driven mainly by dreams and past memories.

FØRSWØR†H keeps the balance between experimental and darkness deftly succeeding at both.

They have a full album which you can listen to on Soundcloud. 

FØRSWØR†H–Frostberry Liqueur 
FØRSWØR†H–Crimson Rain 
FØRSWØR†H–Playing Rough 
FØRSWØR†H–Banshee Manhunt 
FØRSWØR†H–Destination Misery 
FØRSWØR†H–Something Better 

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