06/11/2017 - Modulator Records proudly presents Retrophonic EP!

Modulator Records proudly presents Retrophonic EP, an electronic synthwave album by CAYJEE.

Jean Christophe AKA CAYJEE is an electronic music producer and sound engineer from France. With a wide range of experience working in sound post-production and mixing for film. Composing from scratch experimenting with different sound sources like analog synths and virtual instruments, JayCee will take you on a trip to a world of sound exploration where retro sounds melt with deep dark bass lines to create amazing soundscapes which remind us the best sci-fi soundtracks from the 80s. Without going any further his latest EP Retrophonic released under Modulator Records explores a retro sound which gets us closer to the music of the TV show Stranger Things.

Album review by Beach Sloth

CAYJEE delves into a gritty glorious acid-techno drenched sound on the nostalgic “Retrophonic EP”. With a keen ear for melody and employing a great attention to detail, the songs virtually pulse with energy. The entire collection deserves the highest possible volume for these pieces are best experienced in a physical fashion. Effortlessly bringing together elements of dance and rock akin to Justice’s debut album and Daft Punk’s genre exploration, these tracks simply stun. Every song builds off the last, akin to suites in a greater symphony. By opting for this style CAYJEE transforms the collection into a musical journey. 

The title track “Retrophonic” opens the collection up with considerable swagger. Building up into a colossal mix the song possesses a classic, timeless quality to it, almost referencing the best of early house music. Easily the highlight of comes with the triumphant “First Foot On Mars”. Glowing with neon-hued layers, the way the song evolves gives into a naturalistic, almost meditative element. Letting things grow means the piece is easy to get lost in, with all the ornate melodies and flourishes fluttering by. A little bit of mournfulness defines the Air referencing trip of “Analog Computer” where a light touch works wonders, giving it a flexibility of sorts. Perfectly closing the collection “Interstellar” has a lullaby-like presence whose simplicity gives it a childlike sense of wonder. 

On the “Retrophonic EP” CAYJEE paints a glorious aural universe utilizing a great swath of color to dazzling effect.

Retrophonic EP is available via Bandcamp / Spotify / Google Play / Amazon Music / Apple Music / Deezer / Tidal