06/11/2017 - Modulator Records proudly presents Retrophonic EP! 

Modulator Records proudly presents Retrophonic EP, an electronic synthwave album by CAYJEE.

Jean Christophe AKA CAYJEE is an electronic music producer and sound engineer from France. With a wide range of experience working in sound post-production and mixing for film. Composing from scratch experimenting with different sound sources like analog synths and virtual instruments, JayCee will take you on a trip to a world of sound exploration where retro sounds melt with deep dark bass lines to create amazing…

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14/10/2017 - Modulator Records proudly presents Liquid Universe!  

Modulator Records proudly presents Liquid Universe. An ambient album by Midnight Watchman.

Midnight Watchman is a well-rounded songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player who began as a street musician in UK cities while writing original songs and touring the US. Upon his return to the UK, he started a band who soon gained successful appearances on radio and music festivals with their acoustic-written songs that were well received. After a couple of albums, he decided to move into instrumental music as a…

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09/10/2017 - In External (Darkness, Dissonance, Melody and Mystery) 

A few months ago I was surfing the Internet searching for a great sound. Experimenting on my Spotify artist radio In External came out on my recommendations.

After I heard the first song Faux Love on Spotify my mind was blown away. 

Some days later I decided to contact In External to know more about his music and persona.

Matt Rogers AKA In External is a music producer from the United States, based in Florida.

In External is an amalgamation of everything he loves in music: Darkness, dissonance…

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06/10/2017 - Interview with Gianluca Livi & Alex Marenga aka Amptek 

Back in July, we made an album review of Gianluca Livi’s blissful “Fleeting Steps”. Today we bring you an exclusive interview with the creator of Fleeting Steps and the Art Director of Eclectic Productions. To keep track you can read the full review HERE.

Alex Marenga (left): aka Amptek, he is the Art Director of Eclectic Productions (www.eclectic.it) and founder member of Entropia, an experimental band from Rome. 

Gianluca Livi (right): Set apart the 70s hard rock mood with his band Anno Mundi - very…

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09/08/2017 - Ghost Twin (Electro Industrial Synth Pop from Canada) 

Back again on the Modulator weekly discoveries we bring you a Dark Synthpop duo from Winnipeg, Canada. They are Ghost Twin.

A combination between dark electro and weird visuals that will take you on a trip into the occult. Hypnotic eclectic electronic sounds that once more will show you how beautiful the dark side of the mind can be.

The band is Karen and Jaimx Asmundson, longtime artistic collaborators and husband- and-wife of 12 years. Jaimz, also an internationally-recognized filmmaker, first worked…

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25/07/2017 - Gianluca Livi Presents Fleeting Steps (Ambient from outer space) 

Gianluca Livi’s blissful “Fleeting Steps” delves into a dreamy otherworldliness, one whose gentle sweeps defy easy categorization. Spacious in scope, Gianluca Livi gives their sound room to roam. At times the songs resemble mere suites in a greater symphony, for the classical underpinnings within the album are undeniable. Reminiscent of Tim Hecker’s lovely fusion of the tactile with the surreal, the songs soar into the sky.

The rich textures draw from a wide variety of styles, running from drone to…

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18/07/2017 - Sylvgheist Maëlström (Industrial Minimal Darkness from France) 

Following our latest discovery this week we bring you something totally different. Some obscurity vibe but instead of those ambient soundscapes that captivated our minds, this time we present you Julien Michaud Aka Sylvgheist Maëlström. Industrial minimal sounds with IDM touches that will delight any industrial music lover.

Julien Michaud's music influences can clearly be identified with Einstürzende Neubauten and Orphx. This particular background would be found in a new reinvented form of compositions…

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13/07/2017 - Silent Chaos (Experimental Avantgarde Dark Ambient) 

Back on track again in our search for new discoveries we bring you today an eclectic ambient experimental duo coming from Rome, Italy. They are Silent Chaos, but before anything you should know that these guys are not messing around. They are deep into dark ambient and creepy atmospheres. 

As the name says the music transport you in a special mental chaos to another dimension.

A silent chaos where the property of a complex sound whose behaviour is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great…

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11/06/2017 - FØRSWØR†H (Dark Experimental Sounds From Russia) 

Keeping track of amazing artists around the globe today i bring you a new discovery from Russia. FØRSWØR†H

The project FØRSWØR†H was formed in 2015 in the Russian Federation.

A constant usage of saw and light tunes together with a wrapping dark atmosphere put it somewhere in between darkwave and witch house.

The vibe and imaginary behind their music is driven mainly by dreams and past memories.

FØRSWØR†H keeps the balance between experimental and darkness deftly succeeding at both.

They have a…

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13/05/2017 - Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Smooth Jazz Backup 

Nothing better than starting a beautiful day discovering new music right? This is a special day for us because today we just released Modulator Records official website. 
Apart from that, we launched a music blog where we' re going to post news, album reviews and artist discoveries! 
Needles to say, today in our first placement we are very proud to present you a Boston-based influenced by the greatest trip-hop acts from the 90s. 

Jenova 7 is the musical “nom de plume” of Boston-based multimedia artist Michael…

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